Concrete Ideas for Atlanta Interior Designers

Concrete isn’t usually the first material that comes to mind when we think of interior design options, but it’s an increasingly popular material that is functional, stylish, and affordable. Atlanta interior designers: Are you looking for innovative design ideas? Concrete might be your solution.

Whether you’re designing for residential or commercial properties, concrete offers infinite design choices for any space—interior or exterior. Are you looking to give your design a unique flair? Here are some ideas on how to incorporate concrete into your interior design plans.


Outdoor living spaces. Casual areas are more commonly being stretched outside of the home and into the yard. These spaces sometimes have entertainment systems, making for great summer nights and year-round get-togethers. Concrete is a vital material for such areas as it’s used as the floor and surrounding retaining walls. Stamped and colored concrete give endless options for concrete flooring, and retaining walls are space-saving additions that boost a home’s appeal.

Entryways. The first impression any home gives off is its entryway; what’s going to grab someone’s eye as they walk up to the house? Entryways set the tone on how a home is to be received, and a material as adaptable as concrete can make an entryway memorable. Concrete is a solution for Atlanta interior designers’ entryway woes.


Decorative concrete flooring. From lobbies with a restaurant’s logo to elegantly colored concrete throughout a building, decorative concrete flooring offers functionality, class, and appeal. The benefits of concrete flooring in commercial buildings, especially restaurants, are endless. Decorative concrete flooring is a must for commercial buildings as they offer practicality, longevity, style, and affordability.

Exposed concrete walls. For commercial buildings, the industrial look is in right now. Simplicity is a dominant trait in design to achieve that modern vibe, and exposed concrete walls provide just that. Exposed concrete walls have a beauty and charm to them, but they also leave your opportunities endless going forward. From painting them to adjusting their texture or covering them with another material down the road, you can do so much with exposed concrete walls as they are a brilliant design choice for longevity, being able to be easily adapted to conform to the styles of tomorrow.

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