This is our process, step by step.

Step 1: Planning

Planning is essential to ensure a solid foundation, and a finished project you can enjoy for years.

Step 2: Demo

Next we remove and dispose of any existing concrete.

Step 3: Prep

We then prep the area according to our plan in preparation for a concrete pour

Step 4: Pour

Next we install fiber reinforced concrete 4-5 inches thick, with 4,000 PSI.

We hand tool joints, picture frame edges and complete with the project with a preferred finish.

Step 5: Verify and Clean Up

Then we saw cut joints to make sure they’re 25% of overall depth. We pressure wash and inspect the whole project, and clean up.

Step 6: Enjoy

After quality checks and inspections are complete, the project is ready for use.

We Take Pride

We take pride in every step, and it shows. We use the same level of detail for small and large projects. Let us take care of your next concrete project and become one of our satisfied customers!

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