Using Concrete to Enhance Your Landscaping Architecture Design

Landscape architecture design is an art of its own; the boundless art reaches its full potential with the accompaniment and incorporation of concrete.

Concrete—in landscaping—is commonly viewed as simply a necessity, but it can be used for art, too. Its versatility offers myriad options for a landscaping architect to choose from. In addition, its incorporation as part of a landscape architecture design can greatly increase residential and commercial property values, making it highly sought after by would-be clients.

How to Integrate Concrete

Landscaping architecture design flourishes when concrete is used, but where do you start? Here are some ways you can include concrete into your design.

  • Pathways. Pathways are very common in landscaping, but they’re often made of stepping stones. Concrete pathways are safer, look better, and last longer than stepping stones. Yards with pools or a common area away from the house usually have a pathway leading to that space, but pathways don’t have to always be simply for common to-and-from foot traffic; make your design stand out by drawing up the plans for a meditation walk.
  • Slopes. Slopes can be tricky to work around in design. Steps are a useful and safe solution to include in your design if you’re working with an unlevel yard; not only can steps be used to bring your design full-circle, but they’re tasteful, reliable, and practical.
  • Retaining walls. Retaining walls can be both functional and stylish. Gardens and flower beds pop when accentuated by retaining walls. Above all, retaining walls increase the home’s re-sell value. Maximize your design with a retaining wall by increasing its usable area all while making it aesthetically pleasing.
  • Artful patios. The patio is often the centerpiece of a backyard, but they’re often dull and uninspired when without furniture and decorations; patios don’t have to be uninteresting. Concrete can be used in so many ways to make a patio stand outInlay designs, stamped concrete, and decorative aprons can all be used to make a patio beautiful on its own.
  • Color. Plants aren’t the only part of landscape design that can add color to a project; colored concrete is a year-round way to add flair, scheme, and class to your design.

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