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We serve all of the North Georgia Region from our offices in Canton and East Cobb.

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Common Questions

How long will my project take?

Most driveway replacements take about three days. One day to demo and set up, one day to pour, and one day to clean everything up and run through the final check list. Smaller concrete projects like small patios, walkways, parking pads, and some driveway repairs can take as little as a day.

Block walls, pavers, and masonry projects vary quite a bit. They can take anywhere from a single day to about a week depending on the complexity.

How long until it's safe to drive on?

With our standard strength concrete, it will be okay to drive on five days after the pour date with personal vehicles like cars or trucks.

As an example, if we pour on Monday, you'll be able to drive on it Friday.

Concrete is fully cured (reaches its full strength) at the 27-day mark. We recommend keeping anything the size of a UPS truck or larger off the driveway for the first month.

How long until I can walk on it?

Depending on the weather, you can start walking on the concrete in 24 to 48 hours after the pour. If in doubt, ask someone on the crew if it's ready.

What color is the concrete?

Concrete can be dyed with pigments to a whole range of colors.

Concrete without any pigments usually cures a very light grey to white.

During the curing process, the concrete will change between colors quite a bit. The cement absorbs moisture while the rocks in the concrete hold on to their moisture. This causes something we call 'leoparding'. After a month the concrete will settle to its final color.

During that first month, you'll want to leave anything that holds moisture off the concrete. Things like door mats, outdoor rugs, sheet plastic and planted pots. The final color of the concrete depends partly on how much water it has access to over the first 27 days. Areas that have consistently more moisture may permanently cure a darker color than the rest of the driveway or patio.

Will my concrete crack?

It may surprise you, but the short answer is yes. You may have heard there are only two types of concrete, concrete that's cracked and concrete that hasn't cracked yet.

Cracking is caused by many factors. But, it's primarily caused by the physical properties of the concrete itself.

Even though this type of cracking is inevitable, the cracks can be controlled so they aren't visible and won't spread over time. That's why concrete is cut or scored with lines every 8'-14' at 1/3 the depth of the concrete. These are planned cracks that allow the concrete to expand and contract without sacrificing strength.

Things happen so, though unlikely, cracking can happen anywhere in the concrete outside of the control joints for many different reasons.

Do you do concrete lifting or jacking repairs?

Currently, we do not offer any pressure grout concrete lifting or jacking repairs.

What about my sprinkler system?

We'll test the system before and after the project. Most irrigation issues are easy to fix.

If we break it, we fix it.

Do you have a guarantee/warranty?

We do!

In fact we have the best 10-year warranty in the industry. And as always, the point of a warranty is to never need to use it. So you can be confident that your new driveway will be the best in the neighborhood.

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