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Concrete Solutions of Atlanta offers a wide range of concrete services for your home.

Concrete Solutions of Atlanta has been an innovative leader in the concrete industry from the very beginning

Driveway repair

Driveway Repair and Replacement

Make a stunning first impression and add some curb appeal to your home with a decorative apron, stamped concrete, colored concrete, or complete driveway replacement.

concrete patio

Patios and Pool Decks

Our decking options are made to last. We offer concrete Patios and Pool Decks that are: textured, stained, or stamped.

Extra wide concrete driveway next to a retaining wall

Retaining Walls

Concrete Solutions of Atlanta offers a wide range of designs – from stacked stone, block, or timber – to increase usable living space outdoors.

Pavers and Decorative Concrete

Using decorative concrete is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your home. Concrete Solutions of Atlanta offers a wide range of designs.

concrete driveway atlanta

Stone, Brick, and Masonry

Masonry is a crucial aspect of all big and small landscapes. We use cement, gravel, brick, mortar, natural stone, and blocks.

Brick Inlay Driveway

Sinkhole and Trashpit Repair

Have you noticed a wide sinking area in your driveway or yard? Chances are that wide sinking area is a trash pit that was used when building your home. We can repair trashpits and sinkholes.

Sinkhole Damage repair

Concrete Repair

Learn about our concrete repairs services, such as lifting and leveling, adding piers and sealing cracks.

Our Process

Step 1: Planning

Planning is essential to ensure a solid foundation, and a finished project you can enjoy for years.

Step 2: Demo

Next we remove and dispose of any existing concrete.

Step 3: Prep

We then prep the area according to our plan in preparation for a concrete pour

Step 4: Pour

Next we install fiber reinforced concrete 4-5 inches thick, with 4,000 PSI.

We hand tool joints, picture frame edges and complete with the project with a preferred finish.

Step 5: Verify and Clean up

Then we saw cut joints to make sure they’re 25% of overall depth. We pressure wash and inspect the whole project, and clean up.

Step 6: Enjoy

After quality checks and inspections are complete, the project is ready for use.

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6 Signs You Need a Driveway Repair

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What is the Purpose of a Driveway Apron?

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