Tips for Choosing an Atlanta Restaurant Concrete Flooring

One of the bigger, more overlooked impacts of a restaurant’s functionality is its floor. Bearing in mind the hustle and bustle of restaurants, floors see their limits pushed each night. With so many varieties available, picking the right choice for your Atlanta restaurant concrete flooring could be a difficult decision without knowing what to keep in mind.

What to Consider

  1. Design. The success of a lot of restaurants revolves around the environment. Concrete flooring is a versatile option that can be enhanced with color, a stamped design, a variation of finishes, and customized logos to maximize your brand. If you want brick but that high price isn’t in the budget, consider getting stamped concrete. This option offers intricate designs that can be placed for a floor’s entirety or even simple inlays to add a splash of elegance.
  2. Functionality. Functionality is key in the food industry. With high volumes of traffic and spillage going on, a restaurant needs a floor that is safe to walk on—making level and high-traction floors a must. Also, keep in mind that people will be scooting in and out of their seats, so level floors are preferred.
  3. Durability. Spills are inevitable in restaurants, and floors need to withstand them over time. Carpets absorb spills, and hardwoods get damaged over time when abused. Concrete flooring is easy to maintain. Messes can be easily wiped up, and smooth concrete flooring offers quick clean up times with minimal hang-ups.
  4. Finish. From polished to matte, concrete flooring offers a lot of options for finishes. Traction is very important, though, in the restaurant business, which makes choosing a tenured company to install your Atlanta restaurant concrete flooring very important—as they’ll know the best finish for restaurant usage.
  5. Future options. Concrete is already the base of most commercial floors. If at some point you choose to replace your restaurant’s concrete flooring with a different option, no uninstallation is needed—unlike say hardwoods, which should be taken out before being replaced. With minimal adjustments, concrete flooring could be covered up by other options if you choose to do so down the road.

Who to Trust

Concrete Solutions of Atlanta is the trusted company of the area, servicing Georgia for more than 20 years. With our 10-year warranty, you won’t find any downside to choosing us to help with your Atlanta restaurant concrete flooring.

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