4 Signs You Need a New Driveway in Alpharetta

Driveways bear the weight of vehicles, withstand year-round weather, and are there every day when we need them—despite being constantly dripped on by cars. You might not think you need a new driveway in Alpharetta, but, if your driveway shows these signs, a replacement might be unavoidable.

The Writing on the Driveway

  1. Drainage issues. Over the years as your driveway collects water, it’ll become plagued with potholes. Potholes can be filled, but the problem will still persist; filled potholes don’t prevent puddling or solve your driveway’s drainage issues. A new driveway in Alpharetta could be your solution to chronic drainage issues.
  2. Cracks. Even though concrete is the most durable driveway material available, it still can wear down over time, and the most common sign of aged concrete is cracking. Once a driveway starts to crack, it’s weakened, which in turn makes it susceptible to further damage by being exposed to motor fluids, salt for snow purposes, and weather. Yes, small cracks can be repaired, but patches are not the best long-term option—aesthetically or functionally. Repaired driveways are laden with obvious patchwork that lowers curb appeal. Damage will be persistent, and large cracks cannot be sealed. The best option is to get a complete driveway replacement.
  3. Home value. Whether your driveway is swarming with cracks or just simply lacking pizzazz, a driveway replacement could boost your home’s value. If you’re looking to add elegance, you might consider bricks or pavers, but be warned: Bricks are expensive compared to concrete, and pavers are not nearly as durable as concrete—making a replacement more imminent sooner. Concrete, while a cheaper material, can be synonymous with “elegant.” Through coloring and stamping, concrete can be a high-class option to boost your home’s curb appeal and value.
  4. It’s beyond repair. Although concrete is an incredibly durable material, driveways have to endure so much day in and day out. Though concrete driveways can last for a handful of decades, the stress of a driveway’s daily duties wears on the concrete, and this is evident toward the end of its lifespan. Driveways that are a bit long in the tooth have countless cracks, potholes, and general fading. The time required and repair costs needed for a badly damaged driveway are most likely close to or more than the time and funds needed for a complete replacement, making a replacement a better solution. Patchwork works for small areas, but not an entire driveway.

Find the Right Solution

If your driveway is showing these four signs, you should consider getting it replaced, but who can you trust with a job that big? For getting a new driveway in Alpharetta, you can count on Concrete Solutions of Atlanta. We’ve been serving this area since 1995, and our 10-year warranty, portfolio, and staff make us the top choice for your concrete needs.

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