We offer concrete lifting, leveling, and concrete repair services.

Frost heave damage to driveway

Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Have you noticed sunken areas or uneven surfaces on your concrete basement, driveway, sidewalk, walkway, steps or patio?  This unevenness can cause a tripping hazard. We can fix this through concrete lifting and leveling. Depending on the type of distress being treated, we will recommend lifting, or helical piers (see other section).

For concrete lifting and leveling: we drill a hole in the problem spot of the concrete and inject a foam to lift the concrete up to the level it is supposed to be. We ensure it is level with the surrounding concrete.

Piering and Jacking

For helical piering: We insert steel posts into unstable soil. We use this as a hyraulic jack to raise and/or stabilize sinking concrete.

The repair method used depends on the type of distress being treated. While slab jacking companies lift the slab and then refinish it, repair services use piering as well as wall anchoring and other engineering techniques to level the foundation.

Either way: concrete is lifted and leveled!

Bricks cracking due to home settling

Concrete Sealing and Repair

Sealing cracks might be suggested for cracks that are accepting water, such as a leaking basement. 

See more information about our concrete repair services and concrete care tips

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