Our average driveway replacement takes 2-3 days.

We recommend you stay off the driveway with a vehicle for five days after competition.

You’ll need to stay off for 36 hours.

If we break it, we fix it.

It will start off dark grey and change to bright white. then begin to lighten up to a light gray color. Most driveways cure inconsistently, meaning that it mat be blotchy, especially in the first 30 days.

Though a crack is unlikely, there is no way to guarantee a driveways will never crack. The joints we put in the driveway are planned cracks that allow the concrete to expand and contract, minimizing the chance for random cracking. Although joints will control cracking in most cases, even properly jointed concrete can cracking places other than joints.

We offer a 10 year warranty on all concrete work , meaning random cracks larger than 3/8″ in width. (*Obviously, we can not be responsible for damage caused by natural disasters, tree damage, erosion, chemicals, heavy equipment, tree removal equipment, dumpsters, dump trucks, etc.)