Commercial Excavation and Grading are Key to a Solid Foundation

Whether you’re starting fresh or just adding an expansion to your building, commercial excavation and grading are imperative to your structure’s long-term well-being.

Groundwork Makes the Dream Work

When learning a new sport, musical instrument, or any talent, establishing the correct fundamentals is the first order of business. Being fundamentally sound while developing a new skill is important because going back to re-learn the basics is much harder than simply learning them initially.

The same goes for groundwork. Commercial excavation and grading are processes to be done prior to a structure’s build. If done improperly or halfheartedly, the building can be susceptible to damage, costing the owner enormous sums of money that could’ve been avoided in the first place. Going back to learn how to properly do a chest pass for basketball is a bit easier than re-establishing the ground a building sits on.

Let’s get the basics out of the way; what’s the difference between excavation and grading?


Excavation is the process of clearing an area in preparation of setting down a foundation. For example, if you were to construct a building in a forested area, you would have to clear the land of all trees, stumps, roots, and vegetation.

This step is important beyond simply making the area neat and tidy. Imagine leaving stumps in the area you pour your building’s foundation on; over the years, as these stumps deteriorate they can open gaps for the dirt and water to shift into, causing erosion issues and potentially damaging the base of your building. To repair foundation issues later would be a bigger hassle and expense than if the excavation were done properly in the first place. Excavation is a vital construction preparation procedure to wipe away all obstructions, making way for the next step: grading.


Once the land is cleared of all obstructions, the area must be smoothed out in preparation for the pouring of the foundation. This process is called “grading.” The area must be smoothed, carved, and engineered to ensure a long-lasting, reliable, and sturdy foundation a building can fixate itself on top of.

Grading also deals with the proper amount of slope that should surround a building. Without grading, a building will not have proper runoff for water, which could cause flooding. Structures should have downward slopes around them to reduce the risk of flooding.

Grading also prepares the land around a building to ensure further the safety of those who construct it. Unsteady and unleveled land could result in injury during the time of the structure’s build.

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