7 Signs Your House May Have a Sinkhole Problem

Sinkholes can pop up unexpectedly, but catching them early could save you time, money, and stress. Knowing the warning signs of a cavity could help you avoid a sinkhole problem.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

Your home’s value, well-being, and stability are reliant completely on the foundation it’s built on—not to mention, a faulty foundation could be hazardous to you and your family. Unfortunately, the people who built your house might’ve used a trash pit during the excavation process. A trash pit is a hole used when building your home to dispose of stumps, roots, and other unwanted materials found during the excavation process. The problem with a trash pit—if left behind or in a poor location—is that the materials inside it will decompose and rot after some time, causing a sinkhole to wreak damage to your home.

To address a sinkhole problem before it causes damage, keep an eye out for these seven signs of a sinkhole:

  1. Depression in your yard. This might be the easiest sign to catch onto. A hole or depression in your yard is a red flag—especially if it formed rapidly.
  2. Foundational cracking. Buckling in your foundation or driveway could be an indicator that a sinkhole is on your property.
  3. General foundational settlement. If your house is leaning or has cracking on the drywall, it might be a victim of foundation settlement.
  4. Patches of dead plants or grass. This isn’t a tell-tale that you could have a sinkhole on your property, but you should become more alert to the area in question after noticing this.
  5. Sinkhole in your neighbor’s yard. If your neighbor had issues with a sinkhole in the past, you’re likely to have a similar issue—keeping in mind that the people who built your house probably built their house.
  6. Uneven floors. Inside your house, you might notice uneven floors or separating This could be the result of a sinkhole.
  7. Trees or fenceposts that tilt or fall. If the ground under a tree or fence fails, the tree or fence will fail with it, resulting in tilting or falling.

These signs don’t always equate to a sinkhole problem, but you should react and seek service when these signs arise.

How Should Sinkholes be Treated?

You might think that sinkholes could be fixed by simply filling in the cavity with cement or dirt, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Sinkhole repair requires special excavation equipment, and it’s an extremely hazardous job—especially when done haphazardly or by someone who’s unlicensed. If even the most experienced handyperson were to do the job, the result would be either a short-term patch-up or a trip to the hospital. Moreover, the job can’t be done sans proper equipment; all trash, roots, and stumps must be removed completely to ensure the sinkhole will not persist.

Who can Repair Sinkholes?

The best approach to addressing a sinkhole on your property is to call a professional You’ll want to hire someone who guarantees their work, offers a warranty, and has references.

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